Thai Salads


Thai Salads

22) Yum Neau £10.95

Char-grilled sliced of Sirloin beef in spicy dressing and vegetables.

23) Larb Tofu (V) £7.25

Spicy salad with mixed mushrooms and bean curds, ground toasted rice and Thai herbs.

24) Larb Pla £9.25

Crispy Sea bass fillet with ground toasted rice, chilli, lime juice and exotic herbs.

25) Nam Tok £8.95

An optional of pork or char-grilled duck tossed in a dressing of Thai herbs, chilli and lime juice.

26) Larb Kai £8.95

Minced chicken seasons with several Thai herbs, chilli powder, spices and mint leaves.

27) Pla Talay Raum £9.25

Medley of seafood cooked in lime juice, Thai herbs, shallots, mint leaves and chilli paste, served in a bed of salad leaves.


28) Papaya Pok Pok (Som Tum) £7.95

Famous northeastern Thai papaya salad with ground peanut, long bean, garlic, chillifresh tomatoes, lime juice, fish sauce and king prawns.