58) Steamed Rice £2.40

59) Egg Fried Rice £2.90

60) Coconut Rice £2.90

61) Sticky Rice £2.90

62) Pineapple Rice £3.70

Fried rice in mild red curry powder with pineapples and spring onions, topped with cashew nuts.

63) Chilli Fried Rice £9.25

Fried rice in smooth green curry paste with chicken, beef, basil leaves and chilli, medium spicy, present nicely with king prawn tempura.


64) Nang Special Fried Rice £9.50

Fried rice in Tom Yum Pastes with king prawns, lemongrass, mushrooms, tomato & lime.


65) Pad Thai £8.25

Traditional Thai stir-fried thin rice noodles with king prawns, egg and bean sprouts. Garnished with ground peanuts.

66) Pad Kee Mao £7.95

Pan-fried flat rice noodles with beef, garlic, chilli, long beans, basil leaves and onions.

67) Kiew Tiew Pad See Yew £7.95

Stir-fried rice noodles with chicken, egg, vegetables and soya sauce.

68) Pad Mee Small £4.95

Stir-fried egg noodles with oyster sauce, carrots, bean sprouts and vegetables. Large £6.95

69) Singapore Noodles £9.25

Wok-fried egg noodles with chicken, prawns, chilli, curry powder, egg, bean sprouts and vegetables.

70) Pad Pak Ruam £5.95

Stir-fried mixed seasonal vegetables with oyster sauce.

71) Pak Choi £6.25

Stir-fried Pak Choi in oyster sauce.

72) Pad Broccoli £6.25

Stir-fried Broccoli in garlic & soya sauce.

73) Green Lover £6.95

Stir-fried seasonal green vegetables in garlic & soya sauce.